Raw materials are needed for the energy transition and a more sustainable world.

Through true, compelling, insightful narratives - Critical Productions aims to make responsible mining a reality.

True Stories

Our purpose is to tell the true stories of those working towards this future, building a better understanding of why the mining industry is so important and revolutionising how the industry works.


Throughout the whole lifecycle of raw materials, we endeavor to share the transparent challenges and successes companies focusing on Sustainability/Environmental Social Governance (ESG) face.

Depth of Knowledge

Bringing together a depth of knowledge from a wide ecosystem, we are continuing the discussion of raw materials, informing a wider understanding of the role they play in our sustainable future.

Our Services

At Critical Productions, we specialise in video production services for the critical materials and sustainability sectors. We produce high-quality, informative videos that help our clients tell their stories effectively. Our services include:


We film interviews with key stakeholders in the sustainability and critical minerals sectors, including executives, scientists, and government officials. Our interviews are well-researched and engaging, and they provide our clients with an opportunity to share their insights on the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Educational Content

We produce educational videos that explore the importance of critical minerals and their role in our modern world. Our videos are designed to be fun, informative, accessible to a wide audience, and they can be used to educate people in the industry, policymakers, and the wider public.


We film conference sessions as well as producing wrap up videos that capture the key insights and takeaways from events exploring critical materials. Our conference videos are a valuable resource for those who were unable to attend the event in person, and they help to amplify the reach of the conference's message.

Our Team

Andres Cruz

Daniela Fernandes
Senior Account Manager

Tatiana Ponsetti
Marketing Assistant

Alex Fuentes
Geospatial Scientist

Sam Pettit
Web Developer

Alex Fuentes
Geospatial Scientist

Sam Pettit
Web Developer

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